photo of eleniHello fellow travelers,

Eleni here. I’m Greek Canadian, a parent, a teacher, a life coach and a traveler. I love talking, sharing my experiences and most of all helping others; whether it’s to coach them, teach them, or inspire them in creating the life they want to have, not would like to have!

My blog is all about travel, ease, comfort, value, and most of all savouring the experience of another country without the frustration of being taken advantage of.

While on a business trip to Europe in Spring of 2005, I scoured the internet in search of trip planning advice and economical and aesthetically pleasing accommodations for my business partner Louann and I. After booking online, I was disappointed and shocked to find that accommodations were deceiving, overpriced, and offered minimal customer service. So I made it a mission to discover places that would be worthy of recommendation for cleanliness, comfort, value and most of all have great customer service. The focus was primarily on Greece, as this is where we were traveling. As I talked to many locals in search of these places, I assisted many Canadian, American and European travelers along the way who were overjoyed as I helped them create the holiday experience they had come for. After assisting them, I always told them to tell the hotel owners that “Eleni sent me.”

As I returned to my home in Vancouver BC in May, I reflected on my 4-month experience and decided that every traveler deserves to have the experience they set out to create, whether it’s an adventure, solitude, family time or just simply to have a relaxing vacation. Eleni Sent Me was born!

This website is for those who do not want to have to sift through a lot of travel sites and information, spending endless hours trying to find the “right” place only to be disappointed. All destinations I review and recommend were visited by a real person (me!), who met the owners, talked with other travelers and got a bird’s eye view. You’ll see pics that represent the places, and often little video reviews.

This is a brand new venture I spent a year creating. I love to meet people, talk, and make a difference in their lives. The places I recommend are all places I have stayed in either by myself, with my business partner, or with my family (I have 3 beautiful children ages 15, 14 and 11). They are kid & teen tested, and provide options for budget, student, couples, families and luxury vacations.

Have a question? Email me and I will find an answer for you or find someone reliable to answer it for you. I fluently speak, read and write Greek and can be of immense assistance in language-challenged situations. I’ve traveled extensively to other parts of Europe, but this site will focus on Greece this summer, and I will be uploading videos and pics as I travel to various places around the country.

I look forward to providing an extraordinary service recommending places, experiences, and value for your well deserved vacation!

Geia sas,


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