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It’s been almost 2 weeks since we first arrived in Santorini and despite getting sick, adjusting to the climate change–I heard it’s been raining in Vancouver….since we left! My children and I are relaxing and enjoying our time on Santorini. We are staying at the Hotel Margarita, which is a family run hotel where the owner Mr. Kafieris and his family exude Greek hospitality. Transfers to and from the hotel are a welcome convenience, especially since we had a 6:00 am arrival time at the airport!

These as well as a simple breakfast included in our rate make staying here on the island a relaxing time. Travelling with 2 teens and an 11 year old can be taxing, and they all chose to stay on Santorini rather than travelling to different places. We stayed here last year, and the warmth and ease of our vacation had us return. Santorini is typically not a favoured place for families, but we are proof that you can enjoy your stay on this island and find many things to do. This hotel has a variety of rooms that overlook the Aegean with a view and when booking, you have to expressly ask for the rooms with a view. I recommend contacting Mr. Kafieris directly, as well as any hotel since if you book off the internet, the rates are inflated to reflect the commission the advertising agency gets..even if they advertise huge savings.

Our room is off the pool with a private patio and entrance. I like the fact that it is tucked away from the main building because it is like our own studio, inside it has beds for four, a small fridge, large bathroom, and a TV. , and of course air conditioning! Mr. Kafieris is concerned because he wants us to have more space, however I assured him that it was perfect! Back home our schedules are jam packed with school, extracurricular activities and having a small space has us all connect to each other with a higher degree of respect, organization, and communication.

The kids spend a lot of time by the pool with their friends, or in the main breakfast room in the evening hanging out. Everyday they get to choose how the day will unfold and which beaches we will go to or excursions we will embark on. Having their input creates ease for me and has everyone enjoy thier holiday time. Look for our family excursions in Thoughts for more info.

Mr. Kafieris also has hotel apartments called Kafieris on the cliffs which have apartments that have a view of the Volcanic Caldera and Santorini’s landcape. We stayed there last year and they include little kitcheonettes and although there is no pool, Guests are welcome to use the Hotel Margarita pool, and in the evening at the top of these apartments there is a huge patio with a spa tub on the top floor for all guests to use. So you can enjoy the sunset at your leisure or even more amazing the moonlight of a full moon spilling onto the caldera.

There is something for everyone here whether you are a family, a couple, or even on your own, and you will get the most value for your holiday if that is the experience you are seeking…relaxation, ease, and comfort.

Having stayed here last Spring on my own and with my friend Louann, as well as with my family, I was able to see and experience what happens behind the scenes as the hotels prepare for the Summer. I found that integrity is compromised due to the highly competitive nature of the Tourist Season. However, I only want to share about those places that have integrity so you won’t find any negative reviews on this site. I wanted my site to reflect and comment on places that provide excellent customer service, and above all a human experience where you are left feeling appreciated not just seen as source of income, waiting to be dredged to the last drop.

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