07.03.09The Acropolis Museum Unveiled

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Back in Athens finally! It has been while since I diligently wrote in my blog and I apologize because many of my readers have contacted me and expressed their disappointment. So here we are, another summer in Greece and I will be diligent about posting. First of all, for the past 5 summers I have been tracking the building of the New Acropolis Museum. I remember the presentation center and I could not fathom the scope of such an endeavor. Today as I walked to the Museum and approached it’s sleek contoured lines rising before me, I felt like I was entering a temple…only this one is technologically streamed and conveys the austerity of a dream realized from the depths of nothing. This building is breathtaking and as you approach your senses are bombarded by it’s beauty, design and the smell of jasmine intermingled with fragrant herbs wafting like fresh baked bread all around you. I am a very visual person and this experience fulfilled it to the extreme. Apparently, you are supposed to book your tickets online due to the long line ups, however if you arrive early in the morning as we did, you will have no wait and the bonus is that the museum is not crowded. We left at noon and the line up already was about an hour and a half wait. As you approach the building, under plexiglass walk ways you see excavated exposed ruins that literally stop you in your tracks. When you recover you are again overwhelmed when you enter because the museum is so vast your head is spinning trying to orient yourself amidts it’s cool contents. Cool as in the reverence that this space evokes. You have to walk slowly and savour every piece that surrounds you and even if you try to rush, you are pulled back and forced to slow down just by the sheer awe you are in. I have been to many museums in Greece but this one takes you by the hand and walks you through history as if you are walking hand in hand with Theseus. You are looking around, up, through and your eyes become swollen with the sheer magnitude of the existing artifacts, sculptures and displays. I especially loved the presentation on the second floor of the history of the Acropolis and Parthenon. My son and I were mesmerized by the images and the digitalized versions and reenactments of different parts of the historical facts. It was like a lesson in Symmetry, history and literature all neatly laid out and after the presentation you leave feeling very humbled at the complexity and the history of this wonder of the world. A beautiful cafe set inside and on a large terrace overlooking the Acropolis makes you sip your coffee at the slowest pace possible and it’s peaceful beauty makes you want to sit in silence just being with the natural rawness of this slice of history. All in all, a beautiful landmark and it should be the first stop in Athens before anyone heads up to the Parthenon.

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