08.20.10Kosmima Jewelery Journey

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Gerohristos BraceletIn 2004 during the Olympics in Greece I discovered Kosmima Jewelery and an appreciation for symbolic pieces of Jewelery.   I never have bought a piece of jewelery since then that did not hold some kind of symbolic meaning for me.  My children have chosen pieces and every piece’s origin is carefully committed to my memory after a very thorough explanation by my dear friend Antonis Liontakis, an experienced Gemologist who takes his time to express each jewelery item’s significance. For example, my favorite pieces are by Gerochristos who Antonis introduced me to.  Beautiful intricate handcrafted earrings, bracelets, rings, pendants and crosses.  Each of my sisters, personal friends and my beautiful daughter Elina have received individual crosses that reflect their beautiful spirits.  Many Journeys and many memories embedded in the gift of Kosmima Jewelery.  This artist Gerohristos, is creative and was first inspired by his religion and this prompted him to create tessellated Byzantine icons and other objects using wood, glass, and stone.  Their essence sprang to fruition and his strong artistic nature vividly captured the experience of centuries of Byzantine art from the Constantine and Helen Era.  Read more about this fascinating artist and his family’s history at Kosmima’s official website www.artkosmima.gr  These jewels are made of 925 Silver and 750 Gold and decorated with semiprecious stones like Tourmalines, Garnets, mother of pearls, rubies, aquamarine, turquoise and pearls. There are over 2000 designs and all the jewels are sealed with the official codes of the Greek State. Harmony and exquisite quality are two of the most important trademarks that Gerohristos jewelery possesses.  Their mission is for their jewelery to bring beauty, peace and tranquility to people’s lives.  They are sold all over Greece and in many European countries, Australia and the USA.  Together with his business partner Matina Sakka they will help you to select distinct pieces from their store that will seal your journey’s end with a jewelery memory destined to become an heirloom piece whether it is a small bracelet or a strong statement piece as my incredible sister Athena would advocate for.  Visit their store and you will understand why Eleni Sent You and if you can’t make it then visit their site and select from their selection and they will ship your jewlery worldwide.  The site is very well designed and you are able to see the details and workmanship from all angles so there are no surprises.  Everything is guaranteed and Antonis and Matina stand by their creations so that you are always left feeling completely taken care with their service and their support in providing you with clear answers about the quality and artists.

When ordering make sure that you mention Eleni Sent You and you will receive a discounted quote to thank you for your consideration and selection.  A perfect and easy way to find the gift for the one that you give to out of love, appreciation, adoration or just simply because you honor who they are…

Statement Piece...Kosmima

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