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08.18.10I have an Idea…Cafe Bar Restaurant

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I have an idea!  What an interesting name for a cafe bar.  This little Cafe Bar is also an Internet Cafe and it has provided me with an instant office when I was in a time crunch.  It is a central meeting place across from the Ekatopiliani church which means on Hundred doors.  The staff here […]

08.18.10Yiannoulis Taverna a little hidden gem…

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Rushing today, trying to scan and capture Paro’s charm…Imagine, I almost walked by in my mission by this sweet small tavern.  What made me stop was that it was filled with Greek people and tourists eating homemade dishes that smelled exactly like my Mothers’s cooking. Yiorgos the owner asked me if my name was Yannoulis, […]

08.18.10Remezzo Cafe Bar

by Eleni : Culinary Adventures Paros : 2 Comments

Walking along the portside of Paros you will find many quaint, ordinary, extraordinary and eclectic restaurants, and many little seaside Cafe Bars. And of course you the tourist are the star!  As you strut along this seemingly endless strip you may become overwhelmed.  However there is one little new Cafe Bar that will surprise you. […]

08.18.10Republic Cafe-Bar Paroikia Paros Greece

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Having a Frappe at a beautiful seaside Cafe Bar…Republic. Smooth creamy Frappe harmonizes with the contemporary and lush lounge like outdoor setting. It is a pretty place to have a coffee, drink, light meal or snack. Sit in the outdoor lounge or idle your time away relaxing by the seaside across the Cafe. The scenery […]

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