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12.11.13Rebranding Greece

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A friend recommended that I look up Peter Economides on You Tube to hear his view on Rebranding Greece. I was fascinated and inspired that one person could with so much conviction imagine a Greece that many people have given up on. Economides states “a brand is nothing more than a set of impressions that […]

07.22.10Weeds and Roots

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Sometimes when all we see are weeds we forget that hidden amongst them are precious roots that are not dormant. Greece may appear to the world ridden with weeds but all I feel and see are the roots that have sustained this Ancient civilization in every moment and every travel experience I have here. This […]


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Walking down the street, thinking about the familiarity and love I have for this ethereal island, am suddenly thrown upward and land on the pavement with my head meeting it first…I can not comprehend what has happened, one minute I was walking and the next I am blacked out. Voices ring out at me and […]

08.03.08Bonding and Trekking: The Family Road Trip Begins…

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Summer holidays !   Time for adventure, exploration,  and family bonding on the famous holiday trip… you know, the one that will be seared into everyone’s memories as it unfolds in the great expanse of the unknown.  Now imagine for a moment that it is happening in GREECE!  Let’s up the ante with two teenagers  and […]

07.17.08Sirtaki Taverna

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Walking down the winding steps, swerving to avoid “Donkey Dumplings” phrased by 12 year old wisdom  I can see the Caldera unfolding in front of me.  Although the smell is enough to put you off…all the breathing training from my Bikram’s Yoga is coming in handy.  I can hold my breath for a very long […]

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