08.18.10Remezzo Cafe Bar

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Oh Canada...Remezzo...Paros seaside viewWalking along the portside of Paros you will find many quaint, ordinary, extraordinary and eclectic restaurants, and many little seaside Cafe Bars. And of course you the tourist are the star!  As you strut along this seemingly endless strip you may become overwhelmed.  However there is one little new Cafe Bar that will surprise you. Especially if you are Canadian!  Remezzo Bar owned by Murray Woodroffe from Toronto.  A retirement dream led him to be courageous and entrepenurial in trekking to Paros to open up Remezzo Bar. The bright setting sun emblazoned with the starkness of our beautiful Maple Leaf makes you want to sing the National Anthem as soon as you see his sign, beautifully designed by an equally passionate Irish artist who is beautifying Paros with his artwork. Passion and vision infused with Canadian politeness and hospitality is what has Murray pursue his vision.  Along with the amazing Irma, he single handley runs his bar and although he has limited Greek, communication can seem frustrating but Murray takes it in stride, listening and trying to accommodate requests while noting what he will do next time. On August 15th patrons waited with graciousness as Murray grazed each table taking orders, and people smiled at his eagerness to serve them as fast as he possibly could.  Every Tuesday Remezzo serves food at dinner prepared lovingly by Irma who is a creative and talented cook.  I honestly thought I was in Malaysia as I savoured each bite of her Malaysian Chicken Malaca dinner which for 9 euros included a glass of white wine, Thai rice, and a light exotic salad with thinly sliced cabbage, carrots, mixed with raisins and topped with sprinkle of Cardamom.  Truly an experience that made me eat so slowly because each flavour beckoned to be appreciated and I could not refuse…after that Murray graced us with an ekpliksi… surprise a stunning strawberry Granita floating daintily in wine sprinkled with fresh mint signaled the end of my meal with a lyrical dance of coolness that cleansed and thanked my palate for engaging in Remezzo’s food experience…I would say…Do whatever it takes and free up your Tuesday before you leave Paros to visit Murray, enjoy Canadian hospitality merged with Greek filotimo and make sure you tell him that Eleni Sent You!


by Lynn Tulip : 09.12.10 at 10:33 am

We will definitely be visiting the Remezzo.. Next week in fact. I will mention that I have read your blog!

by Eleni : 11.09.11 at 1:51 pm

Thanks for your feedback, I understand that, as all places in Greece that customer service varies and that a place that was thriving, can go the other way.
Yours Truly

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