01.14.11Mascot Apollon says “Ειμαι Μεσα” I’m In… in Vancouver

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Greek Special Olympics Mascot,Apollon visits Vancouver letting everyone know that the World Summer Olympics are being hosted in Athens, Greece June 2011.

09.01.10La Selini…Paros footsteps to Hospitality

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A beautiful quiet get away

A beautiful quiet get away

La Selini is a small quaint little Greek Holiday Home away from Home…17 Rooms and Studios to be exact which are literally footsteps to the beach in Parikia Paros.  There are many hotelsRooms, Studios on this Island and the competiveness for each free spirited traveller’s attention is extremely fierce.  As you step off the boat, you are flashed by countless little board signs and each representative proclaims that you will get the best price. let the haggling begin!  That may be true…but what the traveller does not know is that with that price there is the risk that their experience and level of customer service will be minimal and may even be non existent.



When hotels take your vacation money  without giving you the experience of hospitality and appreciation,  a beautiful trip becomes deposited  with a film of resentment that reminds you to never return and never ever recommend that particular hotel.  At La selini you are never in danger of that film.  The only experience you will have is of being taken care of with an open heart by Canadian hotel owner Louann Askin.  She truly wants to provide you with more value than you expected for your stay at La Selini. Louann strives to give you the best experience possible and if you dont believe me, check Trip Advisor, La Selini has been ranked number 1 out of 45 specialty hotels in Paros.  To earn that accolade guests which Louann affectionately calls “clients” have written about their stays at La Selini and all have one thread woven throughout them…deep appreciation and gratitude for being taken care of.

Quiet inviting comfort...

Quiet inviting comfort...

I can understand why Louann calls her guests clients, they are first and foremost guests but the word client is Louann’s agreement that she will provide you with the best service possible and if you are not having that, will strive to see where she can transform that and that will translate into continual development and upgrading of her customer service skills.  The hotel is also available to be booked completely for large groups, family reunions, weddings, business or just groups of friends wanting to travel together. Recently there was a group of 10 young women staying at the hotel from the city of Korinth and as they left, each hugged Louann warmly before leaving and thanked her personally.  Hospitality and Greek spirit shine from La Selini with a Canadian wink that will make you smile and feel honored everytime you choose to stay in this little hotel.  It’s welcoming heart and Louann’s amazing customer service skills will help you to find the footsteps to the quiet beauty of Paros and have you whispering thank you for sending me Eleni…

For booking information and further enquiries contact me at elenisentmetours@gmail.com

La Selini website is: www.LaSelini.com

08.20.10Kosmima Jewelery Journey

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Gerohristos BraceletIn 2004 during the Olympics in Greece I discovered Kosmima Jewelery and an appreciation for symbolic pieces of Jewelery.   I never have bought a piece of jewelery since then that did not hold some kind of symbolic meaning for me.  My children have chosen pieces and every piece’s origin is carefully committed to my memory after a very thorough explanation by my dear friend Antonis Liontakis, an experienced Gemologist who takes his time to express each jewelery item’s significance. For example, my favorite pieces are by Gerochristos who Antonis introduced me to.  Beautiful intricate handcrafted earrings, bracelets, rings, pendants and crosses.  Each of my sisters, personal friends and my beautiful daughter Elina have received individual crosses that reflect their beautiful spirits.  Many Journeys and many memories embedded in the gift of Kosmima Jewelery.  This artist Gerohristos, is creative and was first inspired by his religion and this prompted him to create tessellated Byzantine icons and other objects using wood, glass, and stone.  Their essence sprang to fruition and his strong artistic nature vividly captured the experience of centuries of Byzantine art from the Constantine and Helen Era.  Read more about this fascinating artist and his family’s history at Kosmima’s official website www.artkosmima.gr  These jewels are made of 925 Silver and 750 Gold and decorated with semiprecious stones like Tourmalines, Garnets, mother of pearls, rubies, aquamarine, turquoise and pearls. There are over 2000 designs and all the jewels are sealed with the official codes of the Greek State. Harmony and exquisite quality are two of the most important trademarks that Gerohristos jewelery possesses.  Their mission is for their jewelery to bring beauty, peace and tranquility to people’s lives.  They are sold all over Greece and in many European countries, Australia and the USA.  Together with his business partner Matina Sakka they will help you to select distinct pieces from their store that will seal your journey’s end with a jewelery memory destined to become an heirloom piece whether it is a small bracelet or a strong statement piece as my incredible sister Athena would advocate for.  Visit their store and you will understand why Eleni Sent You and if you can’t make it then visit their site and select from their selection and they will ship your jewlery worldwide.  The site is very well designed and you are able to see the details and workmanship from all angles so there are no surprises.  Everything is guaranteed and Antonis and Matina stand by their creations so that you are always left feeling completely taken care with their service and their support in providing you with clear answers about the quality and artists.

When ordering make sure that you mention Eleni Sent You and you will receive a discounted quote to thank you for your consideration and selection.  A perfect and easy way to find the gift for the one that you give to out of love, appreciation, adoration or just simply because you honor who they are…

Statement Piece...Kosmima

08.20.10Attalos Hotel an Athenian Classic

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Rooftop TerraceThe Rooftop TerraceThe Classic Attalos Hotel Every year I have come to Athens from Canada, the Attalos Hotel is like visiting family.  It is a family run business that Attalos Hotel Internet Loungeis reminiscent of classic Athens.  It is an older hotel in the Monastiraki district on the once famous Athinas Street.  It is a little doorway that protrudes with pride on a street bustling with a myriad of quaint little stores intertwined with Kiosks and home hardwares.  The Attalos has the integrity of it’s name and family which has sustained it, developed it and has made it a well loved popular little hotel in Athens.  It is always filled to the brim with International visitors and Tour groups. It is no surprise because it has built it’s reputation all on it’s own merit.  There is a rooftop Terrace coffee and bar where you can unwind after a day of exploring Athens and really just breathe and fully be present to the wonder of the beautifully lit Parthenon on the Acropolis.  Some rooms also have balconies where you can also see the Parthenon from.  Included is a simple but very delicious Breakfast served Buffet style with a variety of breakfast items that are fresh and constantly supervised to ensure that guests are not left scrambling with the last remains of the breakfast rush.  There is an Internet lounge that is a blend of contemporary lime  furniture splashes with a backdrop wall mural of the Attalos Roof top. It is funky and a stark contrast to the simple, very clean but heartwarming rooms.  Now factor in well trained friendly, knowledgeable staff that really do care that you have a great experience and who contribute with a rare generosity and you will not regret staying in this charming, loveable hotel centrally located by the Metro and Monastiraki shops and restaurants.  Whether you are here to explore Athens for a day or a couple of weeks and you want to feel at home, taken care of, and appreciated then the Attalos Hotel is the perfect place to be and when your friends ask where you stayed in Athens  you can tell them Eleni Sent You to the Attalos Hotel and they can come too!  After staying at the Attalos Hotel, the hospitality makes you want to return every single time.

The Attalos Hotel
The Attalos Hotel

Attalos Internet Lounge

   For bookings and further enquiries please email me at elenisentmetours@gmail.com.

08.18.10PAROS…Central Market Street Parikia

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Paros Central Market Street ParikiaIt is very quiet and as I walk down the winding little streets of the Central street I am captivated by a purple little shop…of course! purple is my favorite color.  It is a small shop that has silver jewelery, popular art and handmade gifts.  I am mesmerized by the little goat bells strung underneath an arch in the store like a string of Christmas lights proclaiming good luck and health.  There are many unique pieces here and  I am drawn to some chunky necklaces made of “white silver” or “German silver” They have unusual designs crafted with ancient symbols that highlight contemporary and outstanding strength in a character setting.  My sister would say that some of these pieces are statement pieces.  Cuff bracelets and these strong necklaces are items that are  not your usual tourist purchase.  Anastasios, the owner is very knowledgable and also very honest about his merchandise.  There are items from Turkey, beautiful handcrafted bowls and I like the way he does not hesitate to tell me of their true origin rather than making up something…which can happen if someone wants to badly sell you something.  My necklace is a pretty arrangement of flouria…coins that meet together and create a flow showing off their abundance… I like the strength and ancient feel.  My recommendation… make sure that you search out the lilac doorway and come in to find your gift, or lucky token, or your statement piece and you will never forget Paros…because a piece of it will be with you from this shop.  Say Hello to Anastasios and tell him Eleni Sent You!

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