08.18.10PAROS…Central Market Street Parikia

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Paros Central Market Street ParikiaIt is very quiet and as I walk down the winding little streets of the Central street I am captivated by a purple little shop…of course! purple is my favorite color.  It is a small shop that has silver jewelery, popular art and handmade gifts.  I am mesmerized by the little goat bells strung underneath an arch in the store like a string of Christmas lights proclaiming good luck and health.  There are many unique pieces here and  I am drawn to some chunky necklaces made of “white silver” or “German silver” They have unusual designs crafted with ancient symbols that highlight contemporary and outstanding strength in a character setting.  My sister would say that some of these pieces are statement pieces.  Cuff bracelets and these strong necklaces are items that are  not your usual tourist purchase.  Anastasios, the owner is very knowledgable and also very honest about his merchandise.  There are items from Turkey, beautiful handcrafted bowls and I like the way he does not hesitate to tell me of their true origin rather than making up something…which can happen if someone wants to badly sell you something.  My necklace is a pretty arrangement of flouria…coins that meet together and create a flow showing off their abundance… I like the strength and ancient feel.  My recommendation… make sure that you search out the lilac doorway and come in to find your gift, or lucky token, or your statement piece and you will never forget Paros…because a piece of it will be with you from this shop.  Say Hello to Anastasios and tell him Eleni Sent You!

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