06.28.11Day 2!

by Eleni : Special Olympics World Games Athens 2011 : 1 Comment

Softball Divisioning started today.  Teams are excited and families even more so. They come prepared with their own cheering gear, coordinating shirts, hats and a variety of noisemakers. The Canadians are a sea of red which against the blue backdrop stand out like neon signs declaring “WE ARE CANADA”  US fans make the pledge of Allegiance proud as their allegiance and dedication to their athletes carries it’s honor and awe of them straight to their hearts.  The Greek team that consists of a group of young female athletes  all determined to play. Aussie Oy Oy Oy can be heard being chanted religiously as the Australian fans are led by their softball team athletes.

Today is also the Unity sport event which Timothy Shriver attends and in which Special Olympics athletes are paired with chosen partner to compete against another pair. A member of Parliament, CEO’s, a young member of the Kennedy family, this event was sponsored by Mattel and proved to be a highlight for the athletes and the spectators.

1 Comment

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