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Walking down the street, thinking about the familiarity and love I have for this ethereal island, am suddenly thrown upward and land on the pavement with my head meeting it first…I can not comprehend what has happened, one minute I was walking and the next I am blacked out. Voices ring out at me and I am sitting in a plastic chair by the side of the road dazed and scared out of my wits because I have a head injury and thinking about my children and this moment in my life.

An ambulance whisks me to the Santorini Medical Center which is small, sparse, and does not have facilities to accommodate all injuries. A Policeman tries to interrogate me and define what course of action I need to take, a nurse is connecting a saline drip and somehow it is not working… it is finally in and I am transported by wheelchair across the busy street with a collar bracing my neck to get some xrays.

Later lying in the hospital, I am moved by the love and concern from the people I have grown to love and care about and I understand the depth of the Greek spirit to transform compassion and love into action. My children are taken care of and I look around to find an emergency room filled with people I have supported, worked with and spent holidays with living a simple Santorinian life with. The owner of the Hotel Margarita Mr. Yiannis Kafieris, his parents Mrs. Mina and Mr. Niko, his wife Poppy, my dearest friend and Dimitri one of my first aquaintances who connected me with all these people and who held my IV all the way across that busy street! They left their jobs and responsibilities to be there for me. To be in the presence of such loving, open hearted people is an honor that I hope many people will experience.

My other beautiful friends Odysseas and Angie in Athens arranged to pick me up in Athens where I went to the private hospital Eigias and was able to see their friend, the director of Orthepedic surgery. After a CT scan, I flew back to Santorini and the next day results confirmed I would be okay. Today four weeks later after taking time to recover, enjoy being still and contemplate how lucky I have been, I am able to resume my activities but I am taking time to smell the Jasmine. Many thanks to the Santorini Health Center that despite their small resources were able to stabilize and assess me with integrity and professionalism. Thank you Dr. Elina for not compromising, leaving no stone unturned in my assessment and being a stand for quality medical attention.

Later that day, a woman who had witnessed my accident told me that I had been struck near a small chapel named St. George. Hmmm. That is the name of my Parish church in Vancouver that I attend…she said ” oh St. George is fast… he is there quickly when needed” He is known as the avenger of women.

St. George, Thank you.
If you are ever in Firostefani, look up the chapel and light a candle….tell him “Eleni Sent Me”

A week before a woman the same age had been struck by a motorcycle, but unfortunately was pronounced clinically dead on arrival.

I wake up alive and happy to see what my day will unfold. Whether you are on holiday or not…it is a good way to start life.

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by Paul Singh : 02.24.10 at 10:35 pm

We only cherish the simplest of pleasures that life has to offer, once we’ve tasted dramatic situations.

Nice post, better, neat blog.

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