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Finally!  after a very long trip with a stop in Amsterdam….Thank goodness for those quick trains into Amsterdam and great weather for a trip to the Madam Tussaude wax museum.  Travelling with 2 teens and a pre teen, this stop was a Godsend.  We all had fun posing with our favorite stars, muscians,  and historical figures.  The Johnny Depp picture at the entrance at 8 euros….hmm a bit pricey but the memory priceless.  Winding down the quaint streets we had a quick whirlwind view of Amsterdam’s unique character and then quickly were whisked back to the airport.  Arriving at 4:00 am with a breakdown in our hotel plans.  Always, Always re confirm if your flight is going to be delayed. Otherwise it becomes quite costly. 

Our generous taxi driver found us a hotel in the outskirts of Athens called the Centro (which means center) Hotel. It was tastefully decorated and they provided us with a suite fit for a family, spacious two tvs …not that we were watched anything at 5:00 am.  and a very large bathroom with a pressurized shower head…does that make sense?  well it was a welcome surprise because most hotels have poor water pressure on their showerheads.  After a knocked out sleep we all awoke at  noon shocked that the day had already passed us by.  Back to our original hotel, the Attalos which is smack in the center of Monastiraki within walking distance to the metro station.  We quickly got our hotel arrangements sorted out.  The staff here are family based and we have been staying at this hotel while in Athens for the past 4 years.  It is old world renovated comfy rooms with view of the Acropolis which lit at night is a great perk.  Breakfast is included and it is buffet style so everyone in the family can  sort themselves out from cereal choices, traditional, meat eaters and of course for the vegetarian in our family ( my daughter) a peaceful breakfast atmosphere is ensured. 

Today’s Agenda?  The Ancient Agora and the Acropolis.   We have been several times, however everytime is an experience.  There is an awe that you can not escape as you walk along the pathways lined with weary vegetation intertwined with the freshness of new plants just bursting onto the scene excited to greet you on the way up to the first temple in the Ancient Agora.  Now not everyone is on the same page when travelling with teens but you have to go with the flow and be creative….First of all arguing in the rising heat is exhausting and compromising can be hazardous to your health if it is not reached promptly. However, we all agree after a water break that the two who do not want to hike up can wait at the base.   An absolute must is to supply the older teen with a phone so that you can have communication available.  At Germanos which is a major electronics store you can purchase a What’s Up?  phone…basic model for 29 euros or a more trendy one at 49 euros.  These are the cheapest, they operate with a phone card …Cosmote in my opinion has faithfully worked for my phone, you can limit their time since the cards are available in 9, 15, 20 or 30 euros.  Incoming calls are free and you just have the sales reps at the store load them up for you.  When you arrive at the Airport there is a Germanos  to the right of Arrivals so unless you have a late flight, pop in and your done.

Well off to breakfast and let the walking begin!

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