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It sounds like Clark Kent’s Greek Metropolis…some kind of ancient hidden secret city…but this is the home of the only traditional little doughnut balls called “Loukoumades” exclusively made in Santorini. They have a variety of Loukoumades, all homemade featured with different syrups and nuts. Traditional ones are soaked in honey and sprinkled with cinnamon. My oldest son Thano was my taste taster as he is the one who loves them the most. He chose the chocolate ones, which came drizzled with Chocolate syrup and filled with hazelnut chocolate ( like Nutella) and a generous scoops of pure Vanilla ice cream. They were fried to perfection, visions of luscious, fluffy, mind numbing confections. They need to be eaten hot and you will need lots of cold water to help you not lose consciousness from the sweet infiltration and assault of deliciousness on your tastebuds. This is a gem of a cafe and it is quaint with it’s barrel tables and mounds of papermache loukoumades….about 2750 of them, all hand glued together by the owner. The service is excellent and you feel welcome the moment you order until the last drops of honey on your Loukomoudes are lapped up. Take a look at the travel pics section to view this favourite little place.

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by Steve : 10.14.09 at 1:29 pm

I am on Santorini in imerovigli with my wife on our honeymoon. We really want to find Loukoumades. Where exactly is Loukoumadopolis?



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