07.13.07Santorini Morning – Day 2

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Woke up today with the grogginess of yesterday’s early morning flight… 5:55 am….However, Aegean Airlines is worth the hassle of getting to the airport so early.  They exemplify customer service and anticipate their passenger’s thoughts, such as calling out to see if there were any passengers waiting to board for Santorini…with 5 mins. to spare!   I was impressed as my 2 teens, youngest and I were whisked to the front, processed in two minutes flat, baggage and all with a smile and happy holiday wishes.

Back to this morning…Ari my youngest…almost 11, an explorer like me!  got up early to walk the stone path behind the town,  that showcases the volcanic Caldera uprisings.  Early morning mist wafted amongst the ochre ruins creating a mystical sense.  Everytime I walk this pathway it never is the same.  You are engulfed in the cooler warmth of the morning and the walk becomes a visual collage that overwhelms your senses as the scurrying of people tap along,  natural and manmade sounds create a peaceful harmony that sidle alongside your journey to the center of Fira.   It gives you the opportunity to be so present that you can reflect on nothing but the beauty that surrounds you.   My first recommendation to anyone travelling to Santorini….get up early in the morning…greet the calmness of this time and give gratitude to everything you have right now.

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