07.17.08Sirtaki Taverna

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Walking down the winding steps, swerving to avoid “Donkey Dumplings” phrased by 12 year old wisdom  I can see the Caldera unfolding in front of me.  Although the smell is enough to put you off…all the breathing training from my Bikram’s Yoga is coming in handy.  I can hold my breath for a very long time…enough to bound by the heftiest whiffs until I see the clearing.  None of this is phasing my 12 year old, maybe that is why he is already halfway down the 589 steps.   We could have taken the Teleferik cable car but since the focus is on being active we opt for the fitness benefit.  Today is Ari’s 12th Birthday and we are going fishing when we reach the bottom in the old port called Yialos. 

The owners of the Sirtaki Taverna have been very generous to us.  They provide Ari with fishing tackle, bait and encouragement.  The Sirtaki Taverna is one of my favorite little places to eat.  This year it has changed owners and the new owner is delightful.  The display is full with a variety of fresh fish, Octopus, and live lobster.  We flag down Ari and sit down to a freshly grilled snapper sizzling with a sprinkle of lemon juice and stream of olive oil.  A hearty Greek salad and giant Calamari complete the meal.  Everyone is satisfied and we linger at the table mulling over the delicateness of our fish and the freshness of the Calamari. It is worth the walk down for lunch or the cable car ride down or up if you choose to have dinner there in the evening. 

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