07.22.10Weeds and Roots

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Sometimes when all we see are weeds we forget that hidden amongst them are precious roots that are not dormant. Greece may appear to the world ridden with weeds but all I feel and see are the roots that have sustained this Ancient civilization in every moment and every travel experience I have here. This summer marks a year to the date of my accident in Santorini. It has been a challenging year and I feel like Greece having ridden a roller coaster of turmoil and yet here I am again in entirely different circumstances and ready to be part of a world I love and adore, my Greek world. This is a time of rebuilding for Greece and there can be no growth without first seeing which parts…the weeds that have strangled the country’s soul are finally acknowledged. The uprooting is vast and it will take a long time. Below the surface it is the roots the world does not see that endure and will continue to sustain it’s people. Time heals and spirit rebuilds. If you are travelling this summer in Greece, remember weeds grow everywhere and wherever you may venture look past them to see the roots and I promise you will see the true spirit of Greece. Tell it that Eleni sent you… I am looking forward to writing daily as long as I can seek out consistent internet connection!
Kalo Taxithi Travellers!

Greek Day 2010

Greek Day 2010

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